How To Catch Trout

Rainbow Trout

How to Fish and Catch Trout

In our experience with how to catch Trout, we have found a few different methods that work. First and foremost, you need to be aware of the way your hands smell. Sounds odd right? Trout will almost always smell before they bite and if you have any strong odors on your hands, the odors will transfer to the bait and could cause the trout to pass you by. As far as what to use to catch these fish, we have found a few winners.


Whether you prefer night crawlers or pan fish worms, we have had great results with both. A simple worm on a single hook with a bobber anywhere from 15-24 inches up the line will usually produce results.

Salmon Eggs

With Salmon Eggs, we typically use a treble hook with 3-6 eggs. Our favorite type of Salmon Eggs to use is red or balls of fire type. We have had great results with this bait. These work best when allowed to sit on the bottom of shallow areas or near drop offs.

Dough Baits

Whatever type of dough bait you prefer; it can be a great tool in your arsenal. We have had the best results with dough bait on a treble hook. The combination of chartreuse and brown has worked extremely well for us, but a different combination may work better for you. Dough bait pellets can work well too.


We all have our favorites, and many of us will try every lure in our tackle box to try to find the right one. We have a few that have worked better than others. Spoons come in a variety of sizes and colors and our favorite is typically the basic blue and silver spoon. Spinners produce results as well. Our favorite spinner is yellow bodied with a gold blade. Adding a piece of worm to your spinner can yield fantastic results as well. Soft plastics with jig heads can be very productive too. The best color to use can vary by area, so find your favorite, ours is usually chartreuse, bright yellow, or white.  One of our favorite online Fishing Camping Store to check out different lures is at Boonie Camp Gear.


Crickets are practically everywhere and because of that, they make great bait. Whether you like catching your own or buying some from your local bait shop or pet store, these jumpy little buggers can make trout fishing a breeze. Hook them just behind the head, deep enough to keep them on the hook, but not too deep if you want to keep them alive for a bit. Add a small weight to your line and cast. If you are in shallow water, a bobber can be useful as well.

How to Catch Break Down

Area to find fish : Near drop off areas,Near submerged vegetation,stream inlets,highly oxygenated areas.

Type of rod to use : Light to medium action rod

Type of line to use : Use 4 to 10 pound test line.

Lures :Spinners,spoons,soft plastics with jig heads.

Baits : Worms,dough baits,salmon eggs, and crickets.

Extra equipment : Gloves with good grip and protection,needle nose pliers to remove the hook, and net.

So how do you like to catch trout? Do you consider yourself a pro? If you have any tips for us, we would be glad to hear them, use them, and even post them.

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  1. Hi Meghan,

    I’m really impressed with the knowledge you have about fishing. Your blog would be excellent information for someone who is just starting out. I was wondering if you ever tried flyfishing for trout?

    Best regards,


    1. Hey Will,

      Thank you for your comments.. Oh yes I have tried flyfishing for trout and I have tried flyfishing for bass using small poppers. It’s frustrating at first but when she get the hang of it and know how to cast without whipping the fly off of your line or without hooking the trees behind you is pretty fun. It takes lots of practice 10-2
      Thank you,

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