How To Catch Perch

Yellow Perch

Fishing For Perch and What You Need

There is some debate concerning these smaller pan fish. Many anglers do not believe Perch are worth the time. We do not agree. We believe that perch are great fun to catch, provide a lot of action, and are also a great fish for kids to catch. So the question remains; how to catch perch. There are a few methods we have found that have been true winners.

First, it is important to remember that these fish tend to stay near or on the bottom of the lake, pond, stream, and so on. They typically stay in schools and are very territorial during spawning season.

Yellow Perch
Yellow Perch

The best equipment to use for these fish is an ultra light pole with the lightest test line you can possibly use. These fish can be soft eaters and you need the ultra light action in order to feel the nibbles.

As far as bait is concerned, minnows, worms, crickets, and crawfish meat (from the tail) all work pretty well. We have done extremely well using pan fish worms for perch fishing. A simple worm with a small split shot weight near the bottom is usually a winning combo.

Lures can be effective as well. You still want to drag your lure near or on the bottom, but there are a couple of options as far as what we have found to work the best. A jig head with a wax worm or real worm attached can be quite effective. Jig heads are usually great producers when combined with your smaller soft plastics. A minnow lure can yield great results as well.

Remember that Perch like areas with plenty of cover. Weed beds, areas with submerged rocks or logs, the underside of docks and piers, and mossy or cloudy areas provide the cover they look for and a great variety of spots for you to look for. These fish can be a lot of fun to catch, and for their size, provide quite a bit of action.

How to Catch Break Down

Area to find fish : Areas with lots of cover,submerged weed beds rocks and logs,mossy or cloudy areas.

Type of rod to use : Ultralight to light action rod.

Type of line to use : Use 4 to 10 pound test line.

Lures : Jig head with wax worm or real worm attached,minnow lure.

Baits : Minnows,worms,crickets,and craw fish meat from tail.

Extra equipment : Gloves,needle nose.

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  1. Hi Meghan,

    I I find it interesting that you are raised at such an early age to go fishing with your dad. I thought that only my dad was like that and yes I also learned how to fish from a dock. I am now doing the same with my young son of five years old fishing off of a dock with his snoopy pole…LOL

    I really enjoyed reading your blog.


    1. Hi Katherine,

      I guess our dad went to the same school, on how to raised children..LOL. I know that I have a lot of memories of when I was younger fishing with dad and I’m sure that you do to. Your son will also have wonderful memories of his youth learning how to fish. Dad taught us to fish from a dock at a early age, and then the lake, then the creeks and finally we learn how to fish rivers.

      Thank you for your comments and there’s nothing wrong with starting out with a Snoopy pole…LOL


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