How to Catch Crappie


How to Fish For Crappies

Crappies are a type of pan fish and can be found in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and ponds. These fish are nicknamed paper mouths due to the fact that they have a very soft membrane around their mouth that can tear easily. Crappies are attracted to a variety of baits and lures, so try out a few and find what works best in your area.
Crappie fishing with bait.


When you are trying to figure out how to catch Crappie, remember that Crappies seem to like crickets, maggots, small grasshoppers, and minnows. If you use any of these, they are usually most successful when combined with a bobber attached about 18-20 inches up the line. Crappies prefer the warmer waters so you do not need to go to deep unless you are fishing in the summer in the middle of the day. At that time they will be a bit deeper. Try different depths if you are not having any luck.

Crappie Fishing with Lures.

Crappies will generally go for lures such as jigs, tubes, crank baits, and grubs. If you use any of these lures, cast out, allow it to sink a bit, and retrieve it slowly. Remember that these fish have delicate mouths and if you reel in to quickly, it is likely their mouth will tear and you will be left with nothing to reel in.

Where to Find Crappie.

Depending on the season, Crappie can be found in a few places. During the spring, Crappies are spawning and become very territorial and likely to attack any bait or lure in their area. Fish near or in shallow coves and near inlets in the spring. In the summer, you will want to find deeper areas to find Crappie because they are trying to escape the heat. Shady areas and the undersides of docks can be good as well during this time of year. Fall is similar to spring in the way that Crappies are sticking to warmer water and they are also feeding more often in order to prepare for winter. Winter seasons bring ice fishing and Crappie can be difficult during this time. You will have to move around regularly to locate schools. Fish finding equipment can be very handy during the winter. No matter what time of year, or what time of day, Crappies like areas with cover. Being undercover allows them to dart out and capture food.

What Type of Rod and Line to Use.

While Crappies can grow to somewhat larger sizes in some areas, they are typically smaller, lighter fish. An ultra light or light action rod will work well while providing the sensitivity and action you are after. We would suggest using 4-8 pound test line for Crappie fishing.

Crappie can provide a lot of fun to your fishing outing and are particularly tasty fish. They can be tricky and often like to play log after being hooked. Just remember to take your time and as always, Happy fishing!

Extra equipment: Pair of Gloves with good protection and grip, needle nose pliers for removing hook,polarized sunglasses to see in the water better,net .

Do you consider yourself a pro? If you have any tips for us , we would be glad to hear them, use them, and even post them. Happy Fishing!

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    What a nice little website. This article about bluegills brought back some memories when I was younger. Please go down and catch up bucket full and then have a fish fry. Good times!


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    1. Hi Tim,

      Thank you for your comments. to me it’s a tossup between bluegills and perch they are both good to eat when filleted. It’s a lot work to get them filleted But worth it..

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