Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures

Fishing Plugs

When discussing fishing plugs, one of the biggest things to remember is that there are two different basic types. There are topwater plugs and subsurface plugs. Plugs come in a variety of types and styles. Plugs are made to resemble bait fish and insects.

Top Water Plugs

Poppers : Poppers, or a popping lure, are most effective when used with a jerk retrieve. Using this kind of retrieve will cause popping on the water and make the fish go crazy.

Top Water Crawlers : Top Water Crawlers are designed to wobble on top of the water and make a gurgling noise.

Propellers : Propellers are best when used with a short and steady retrieve to allow the propellers to cut through the water and catch the attention of the fish.

Frogs : Frogs are usually made from soft plastics and usually have a weedless set up. The legs of the frogs wiggle through the water when retrieved and make the fish go crazy.

Topwater Spoons : Topwater spoons are made of metal and are very reflective. They shake through the water and cause disturbances with light reflections and noise.

Stick Baits : Stick Baits are very similar to propellers in regards to shape, they just lack the propeller. IN order to get maximum action with these plugs, they are best used with a jerk retrieve.

Subsurface Plugs

Minnows: Minnow plugs are made to resemble minnow bait fish. Minnows come in a variety of colors but the natural colored ones will typically yield the best results.

Vibrating Plugs: Vibrating Plugs cause sound waves in the water that attract fish. They can be highly successful in dark and murky water. Many vibrating plugs come with rattles in order to cause more sound disturbances and in turn attract more fish.

Crank baits : Crank baits dive far, wobble hard, and sometimes cause the additional sound disturbances to attract fish.

Plugs come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and are often referred to with many different names. These lures can be highly effective for catching a variety of fish.

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