Fishing Knots

Blood Knot

How to Tie Different Fishing Knots

Frustrated that your fishing knots do not seem to hold? Or are you just tired of using the same old knot? Well we have some answers for you. In this section you will find some different knot tying methods that are sure to keep your hook or lure secure. We have tested all of them and had great results. There are some easy but still great knots that are great for kids that are just learning as well.

How to Tie a Surgeon’s Knot

How to Tie a Blood Knot


How to Tie Palomar Knot


How to TieĀ a Snell Knot



Try some fishing knots and find your favorite to make your next fishing trip much less frustrating! Did we leave your favorite out? Let us know which ones we forgot and we will gladly try them and add them.

2 thoughts on “Fishing Knots

  1. Hi,

    As a fisherman myself I really enjoyed the videos you have posted on this page. There are some of the most common fishing knots used in the videos illustrates the procedure of tying them. Good job!

    1. Thank you.

      Is much easier to show somebody out tie fishing knots then to try to explain them. I am glad that you liked the videos.


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