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Yellow Perch

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Yellow Perch
Yellow Perch

Scientific Name: Perca flavescens

Habitat: Yellow perch could be located in lakes, storage tanks, as well as ponds with lots of submerged greenery and cover.

Diet: Yellow Perch feed upon zooplankton, invertebrates, insects, and also little fish.

Qualities: Yellow perch are typically brassy environment-friendly or yellow with 6-8 upright stripes on their sides. They have red or orange fins and a dorsal fin that is separated right into a spiny section as well as a separate soft rayed area.

Other Names: Lake perch as well as ringed perch.

Perfect Temp: Yellow Perch spawn at temperature levels around 50 levels Fahrenheit however or else could tolerate a wide temperature range.

World Record: 3 pounds 5 ounces, Harford County Maryland. 2003.

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