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Scientific Name: Cyprinus Carpio

Habitat: Carp are very sturdy as well as can be discovered in a wide array of areas as well as conditions, however they seem to do ideal in big bodies of fresh or sluggish relocating water. They are mostly bottom residents.

Diet: Carp do not seem to be picky eaters and also will certainly feed upon crustaceans, bugs, worms, minnows, algae, and marine plants.

Qualities: The Carp has a brief head, rounded snout as well as 2 barbells on each side of its mouth. The Carp has a thick body that curves to the dorsal fin. It has actually a forked tailfin that is usually red in shade, an olive to reddish brown back, and yellow white stubborn belly.

Other Names: European Carp, French Carp, Italian Carp, German Carp, Israeli Carp, Mirror Carp, King Carp, Koi, as well as Leather Carp.

Suitable Temp: Carp have a vast array for perfect temperature that ranges from 35-85 levels Fahrenheit.

World Record: 91 pounds, France.

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