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Meghan Roberts
Meghan Roberts

Hi! I’m Meghan Roberts and welcome to Lure of Fishing! I’m so glad you’re here!

Fishing and getting out into the outdoors excite me more than anything else. I grew up fishing with my dad, grandpa, and brothers.

Spending time in the outdoors next to a river or lake inspires me, challenges me to become a better angler, and quite simply, makes me happy. Sharing my passion for fishing and inspiring others – is what makes me tick. Okay, call me weird but it’s true.

My love affair with fishing began many, many years ago. I grew up in a family of die-hard outdoor lovers, fishing is what brought us together and the family compete to see who could catch the most and the biggest fish. We were the type of family that would plan our weekends as to what outdoor activities we would do that weekend, and of course there was fishing involved rather it was in a creek, River, or lake. We discussed the type of fish and fishing gear that we would need for the weekend events.

Fishing is serious but can be fun.

I always knew that fishing would be a large part of my life because of the way that I was raised. Dad started me out fishing at three years old from the docks where I would catch perch and bluegill. At that time in my life I was more interested in his tackle box because of all the shiny lures and objects, I thought of it as Dad jewelry box. Dad informed me that there was stuff in there that would bite me. When we caught our first fish together I informed him that the lure went down and bit that fish. Remember, I was only three-year-old at the time.

As I got older dad introduced us kids to fishing in creeks and then Rivers. I learned different techniques to fish different waters and for different types of fish. I have become quite the fisherman or should I say fisherperson and this blog is just some of my favorite freshwater fish to catch.

I created this website to help others who are beginning to learn about fishing and the enjoyment that it has to offer.
Most importantly, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit this site, read my ramblings, and maybe even try a weekend of fishing as it would be a whole new family experience! Come back and submit me your story to share with all of my readers. It means the world to me and I wouldn’t be here without you.

Gone Fishing!