How To Catch Carp

"Holy Carp that's big"

Here are some tips on how to catch carp. So you want to catch a Carp? Well, these fish can be tricky. They do not usually go for the flashy and they scare easy, so you need to make sure you take that into consideration when attempting to catch a Carp. The general consensus on these fish is that they are a pain to catch. The main reason for this is again, that they scare easily. When a Carp goes for bait, they will typically nibble at it to test it. If you are too eager with attempting to set your hook, they will let go and chances are that you will not see that fish again. You need to be patient with Carp. If you are patient and use the right bait, you will be rewarded. These fish can get quite large and put up a large fight as well.

In terms of what to use when attempting to catch a Carp, we have seen the best results by doing a combination of things. First of all chum the water with sweet corn, bread crumbs, and dough. Having this bait floating around will lure them into a false sense of security and more than likely yield better results at the end of your line. We typically use corn for chumming and bread or dough on our hooks for catching Carp. Be sure to check with your local game laws though, there are some areas that do not allow the use of corn or chumming in general. After you bait your hook with the dough or bread, attach a bobber about 24 inches up from your hook to allow some slack. If these fish feel immediate resistance, they will let go. Also be sure to keep as quiet as possible and try not to cast too many shadows on the water. Like we said, these fish scare easily, and the slightest disturbance can really send them hiding. Once you get a bite, allow the fish to swim away with it before setting your hook. The best method we have found at reeling these fish in is to let them tire out. Reel in for a few seconds and let them take off again. Keep doing this while slowly but surely getting them closer to you. Have a net ready because you are going to need it. Also remember to be careful with their jaw if you plan on releasing them because it can be removed easily. Most importantly, have fun! These fish put up quite a fight and can make your day very eventful.

Extra equipment: Pair of Gloves with good protection and grip, needle nose pliers for removing hook,polarized sunglasses to see in the water better,net .

Do you consider yourself a pro? If you have any tips for us , we would be glad to hear them, use them, and even post them. Happy Fishing!

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