Fishing with Crickets

"Let's bait the fish"

Crickets can be fantastic bait to use. Most fish will go crazy for crickets, and we have had great results when using them. You can catch your own crickets or you can buy them from your local bait shop or pet supply store.

How to catch Crickets

If you prefer to catch your own crickets, there are a few techniques that can work well. Crickets are easiest to find early in the morning. One way to catch them is to go out in the morning and look for them around wood piles or rotting vegetation. You can also bait the crickets. Sprinkle sugar coated bread crumbs on the ground in the evening and cover the crumbs with newspaper. Go back out in the morning, lift the paper, and collect the crickets. Another way is to hollow out a loaf of bread, leaving a small hole in the crust. Set the loaf out at night in an area where you think the crickets will be and leave it overnight. Go retrieve the bread in the morning and shake the crickets out into a container.

How to keep Crickets

If you are catching the crickets, you need a good container for them. A bucket topped with secured mesh wire is a good one. Make sure to put soil and some sort of cover in the bottom of the bucket as well as some fruit. The fruit provides water and food for the crickets so they stay alive during your fishing trip. Make sure the mesh wire is properly secured so none of the crickets get loose.

How to hook Crickets

When you have caught or bought the crickets, and you have them nice and secure, you will need to know how to hook them. Simply take the cricket and slide the hook through the collar of the cricket. You will want to go deep enough to keep your hook secure, but shallow enough to ensure you do not kill the cricket. Dead crickets can work just fine, but live ones work better because they provide more action to catch the attention of the fish. You do not want to use too much weight because it will cause the cricket to not fall naturally through the water. If you use a bobber along with the cricket, place the bobber about 12 inches up form the hook. If you do not have any luck with this depth, raise or lower your bobber until you find the sweet spot.Happy Fishing!

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